September Sales For SHIELD TV Owners

Hey someone needs to call that Green day guy September is almost over, but in the meantime NVIDIA is running some sales! The games and percentages are listed below.

Leo’s Fortune -60%

Starring a mustachioed ball of fur named Leo who sets out after a devious thief who steals his fortune of gold, Leo’s Fortune is an imaginative fantasy-themed platforming adventure that’s perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Sporting gorgeously detailed HD environments (which are native 4k assets so for those of you with a 4k TV, enjoy that beauty) to explore and uncover secrets in, Leo’s Fortune features 24-puzzle filled levels that take advantage of SHIELD’s graphical horsepower that takes players everywhere from lush forests thick with greenery to mysterious factories deep below the surface.

The Talos Principle EP1 and Full -50% (Full can be purchased from Play Store)

Featuring an engrossing, philosophically-charged storyline that challenges players to think outside the box in more ways than one, Croteam’s The Talos Principle is a multiple award-winning puzzle adventure game that puts players in control of a robotic protagonist who finds themselves in a world where technology and ancient ruins are merged. Over the course of The Talos Principle’s 120+ puzzles, players must overcome technologically advanced drones, lasers and other obstacles in the way of you uncovering the truth about your past and why you’re here. Make sure to buy this one through the Play Store otherwise you’ll only buy episode 1 through the SHIELD Hub.

Space Hulk-25%

Set in Games Workshop’s immensely popular Warhammer 40,000 dark fantasy universe, Space Hulk is a gripping turn-based tactical action game that puts players in command of a squadron of elite battle hardened Blood Angel Terminators in an epic fight against the nefarious Genestealer hordes. While Space Hulk features a faithful video game recreation of the classic board game experience it’s based on, it also delivers stunningly detailed visuals and action that look great on SHIELD. On top of its robust and deeply satisfying single-player campaign, the game also has multiplayer support for you and a friend to go head-to-head in battle. SHIELD users can get this title for $10.99, which is 25% off the regular price.

Super Mega Baseball -50%

Winner of awards including Polygon’s “Sports Game of the Year,” Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings is a feature-rich baseball game that, despite its colorful animated visuals, packs realistic baseball simulation and physics. It also have 4 person local multiplayer and is a SHIELD TV exclusive. Normally 19.99 it’s 50% off and if you like some baseball steal this one while it’s hot.

Puddle+ -50%

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 – 50%


Featuring vibrantly detailed 3D visuals and puzzles specifically optimized to shine on NVIDIA SHIELD, Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 is a fast-paced puzzle adventure and the spiritual successor to the classic PC game, Chip’s Challenge. Receiving constant content updates and new features, Chuck’s Challenge 3D Ultra 2016 comes packed with a whopping 150 levels that will put your skills and puzzle-solving prowess to the ultimate test. With the latest edition of the game on SHIELD players can also build their very own levels from the ground up while using more than 85 different game elements to craft their own creations.

All these games are high quality and easily worth their full price so if you have even any remote interest and have some spare play credit or money to spend I highly recommend it.

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