Dolphin Emulator Gets Vulkan Support And All Gamecube Games Boot

At the end of each month the Dolphin team does a report for that month in about a week to 2’s time we’ll see October’s but right now we’re focusing on their support for September of 2016. To start off on a positive note they’ve finally got every Gamecube came to boot which is huge congratulations to the team! In addition to this they’ve gotten the emulator to the point to where it can emulate the console and it’s glitches, before they couldn’t do this and one infamous one that didn’t work in Dolphin is known as the Gotcha Force “Force 20” game glitch.

On to what almost didn’t make it into this month’s report and was literally pushed in 2 hours before the report was done was Vulkan API support for the backend and at this point it’s labeled experimental. Don’t expect this to replace OpenGL anytime soon and if you’re interested use and it and see what breaks so that the Dolphin team can learn and fix it as time goes on and hopefully one day it will replace OpenGL.

Mobile users have been itching for Vulkan to give sweet sweet performance gains! Yeah, not happening yet. Mali crashes immediately on start, and it doesn’t give any reason why. Adreno at least renders something, but it’s completely wrong even on many test programs and Dolphin isn’t close to playable. We haven’t tested all the other mobile drivers yet, but so far it appears they have similar problems.

On Android, Vulkan driver support just isn’t ready yet.

As of now the only Android TV device with Vulkan support is the NVIDIA SHIELD TV but it’s not yet fully done and only in the early stages and NVIDIA GPU’s are a coin toss in performance but Android has shown it’s a huge increase so we’ll have to wait and see how the SHIELD handles this in the future when it reaches the mainstream. If you’re a game developer¬†Unity makes it easy to add support and we’d love to see an Android TV game using it to benchmark its performance vs OpenGL.

Source: Sep 2016 Report

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