LeEco Goes LeOops As They’ve Spoiled Their US Launch Lineup

OEM LeEco had plans to hold a Oct 19th launch event in the US to mark its start to the US market, these plans are still valid but in the process of ramping up the storefront to prepare for it they spilled the beans. In addition to 2 phones they leaked that they’re the next OEM to adopt Android TV with 4 premium size TVs 43-85 inches entering the market. All the links are 404’d now but will be live after the 19th and all prices are placeholders so don’t take anything for its word yet.


For those of you wondering why would they be entering such a competitive market in the US, well they recently bought out Vizio and Vizio is a very popular name with consumers in the US, hell I have a 43 inch TV behind me and I love it.¬† All of the TV models are 4K resolution, and surprisingly¬†they all run Android TV instead of SmartCast like their recent acquisition. LeEco is switching to Android TV, at least for its US products which is an interesting pivot. Like NVIDIA and Xiaomi and Sony, LeEco seems to have used their own section for their apps as you can see in the above. At least here it looks blended in without say LeEco Hub or something along those lines. What we don’t know is the version it will ship with but we can assume 6.0 is the safe bet and hopefully 7.0 shortly after.

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