Nintendo Switch Borrows Internals From NVIDIA SHIELD

So, this past week Nintendo being the secretive company they are shocked all of us by releasing the Nintendo Switch. We didn’t know much going into the NX besides its name and Nvidia was doing something with Nintendo, Nick speculated what if it ran Android TV which there’s no chance in hell it would but hey a man can dream. What was true was that they did indeed work with NVIDIA and ironically enough demoed the same thing NVIDIA did with their K1 chip in 2013 – Skyrim. The idea similar between the 2 but different in the configuration of the end-user device.

Nvidia says the custom Tegra processor contains the same architecture as its top GeForce graphics cards and they’ve shown they can adapt to form factor when they did it for laptops this year with the 10 series cards. The chip designer also says it created “fully custom software” for the Switch’s Tegra processor, including “a revamped physics engine.” So NVIDIA might have reached their end goal and with Nintendo’s help they can have a spot in the living room(Minus if you own a SHIELD device, but this is for the average joe fan of Nintendo.)

Anthony Garera

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