[Poll Results] What new feature in Nougat are you most excited about?

Android Nougat was officially released last month as a stable version of the operating system. It has brought a number of big improvements to the operating system, and not just for phones either. While every device can take advantage of bug fixes and faster OS updates, there are a number of changes which can improve Android TV. We conducted a straw poll of readers to see which features were the most exciting.

Picture-in-picture is similar to having multiple windows on your phone or tablet. With it, you can watch a video in a corner of the screen while you browse for another video or order pizza.

Recent apps makes it much easier to return to previous activities. By holding down the home button, a row of your recently viewed apps appears, similar to on a phone.

The TV recording APIs will allow users to record content in the Live Channels app. It works on a per-app basis instead of simply recording the screen. Having each app implement it allows for developers to implement different types of add-ons such as recording the entire video even if you started in the middle, or saving the video to your online account to access anywhere.

The settings UI also received a makeover, squishing into the right of the screen. This allows it to appear over other apps such as the launcher and also provides a more consistent Leanback UI.

What new feature in Nougat are you most excited about?

Based on 35 votes, it seems like PiP and recording were tied as being the most exciting. It’s easy to see why, as both provide new ways to interact and use your devices. However, they both require developers to use the APIs to implement these features specifically. Until they do users won’t be able to take advantage of them.

Although Android 7.1 is just around the corner, it will not bring anything new but there’ll be a few small refinements.

What do you think is the most exciting feature? Let us know in the comments below.

Our new poll is asking users how they interact the most with their Android TV.

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