All Shield TV models out of stock on Nvidia online store

What’s widely regarded as the best Android TV device out on the market (even if that market is rather scarce right now) the Shield TV is out of stock on the Nvidia store. Now, the 16gb had been out of stock for some time (though there was a brief restock around the end of last week), the Pro was always in stock on Nvidia’s site. Now however, we see that both devices are out of stock on Nvidia’s page.

Shield Out of stock

I feel though that the recent FCC Filing by Nvidia showing a redesigned Shield TV means that Nvidia’s not discontinuing this amazing piece of hardware, but is instead working on a refresh like they did with the Shield Tablet K1 (which is actually in stock right now).

If you need one now, and you live in the US, check your local Best Buy where they are still in stock. Otherwise you can order it from Best Buy’s site.