Black Friday Android TV & Google Cast Deals

So it’s about a week until people get trampled, fight for one big TV, maybe three if you’re lucky and end Thanksgiving early due to either working or participating. Companies love it, employees hate it but hey it’s life. So in the spirit we’re keeping a running list for now of all Black Friday deals that relate to Android TV & Google Cast. Cyber Monday will be a separate post, so onto the deals!

First up is the LG Music Flow Sound Bar at $399 which is $100 off the retail price and $299 if you don’t mind an open box. Second we have a VIZIO SmartCast™ Crave 360™ Multi-Room Speaker at $150 which is $100 off the $250 price tag and an additional 5% if you sign up on VIZIO’s site.

Google Home will be $99 on Black Friday which is $30 off the original price tag and really good for those who haven’t picked one up already and if you’re on the edge read our first impressions.

Update: $99 $75 with Visa Checkout! Google Home starting tomorrow(23rd) on the Google Store as well and it could be across all retailers as I imagine Google wants it in every home.

Kevin mentioned to me that Microcenter is having the SHIELD $50 off in store on both the pro and non pro models.

So far that’s all we got, If you know more leave a comment below and we’ll add it.

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  • Charles

    Do NOT buy any of the LG Music Flow speakers!

    They’re being discontinued as LG has dropped software support for them.

    Also they’re running year old Chromecast firmware that’s missing current features like multi-room grouping and require almost daily hard reboots to reestablish WiFi connection.

    Just Google the Music Flow Customer Support Forum and check it out, riddled with customer compliants with no replies from LG in 4 months, also see all of the open complaint threads in the Chromecast support Google group…

    • Kevin Brosseau

      Interesting. Did you own one of those speakers? I do see that Best Buy seems to be clearing out the music flow speakers, maybe not the sound bars, but the speakers yes.

      • Charles

        Yes, one portable (the H5) and a bookshelf model (the P7).

        • Kevin Brosseau

          Thanks for letting me know.

  • ecchi

    Does the shield in microcenter come with a free remote? Passed up buying last year because lots of people reported problems (remote/controller/poweradaptor issues and rebooting) with their shield TV. Hopefully the issues has lessened with newer stocks…

    • ecchi

      No shield TV or tablet when I did a search in micro center…. only controller, remote and stand.