[Interview] LeEco Review From An Owner Who Is Not Me.

I’ve had an interview with username ParticleManPrime from Reddit and the /r/Android Discord server who owns one of those new LeEco Android TV’s.

I’ve conducted the interview from Discord.

So far, he’s revealed a few things. The built-in apps from LeEco are “Live” “Le” “Le Zone” and “My Le Eco”.

Apparently Live and Le show curated videos. “Le is stuff like Machinima, see so, fit fusion TV, and stuff which you have to pay for per month.” Costing around “$3.99”. Though he says that it could be a promo and that it’s “normally $4.99 per month each”. It does also include some free movies and stuff like TV shows from Food Network.

Le Zone is a curated games portal mostly with games already on Google Play.







The TV itself is 1.3″ at the very thickest, and most of the TV is “probably less than an inch thick.” Regarding Picture quality, he’s saying that the picture looks amazing. In his words, “It really is a thing to behold, flawless picture completely. No jagged anything.”



Interestingly, the TV itself has a USB port at the top part of the TV. Just a single USB 3.0 port. Who knows what it’s for, maybe they were planning on adding a webcam?



The camera plugged in there is the PS4 camera, which does nothing. There are also apparently dedicated photo and video apps, but he hasn’t gotten them to work.

When all is said and done, ParticleManPrime says he enjoys the TV and that the quality is good, so that’s all that really matters I suppose in a TV. But I, the author, have to admit, there’s a lot of excessive LeEco bloatware here that I don’t see on most other Android TV Devices.

Thanks to ParticleManPrime from Reddit!

Source: Particle_Man_Prime