Mini Ninjas Comes To GeForce Now

Tuesday was a bit quiet from NVIDIA and I thought this week there wasn’t going to be a new game but I guessed wrong and there’s a late Wednesday entry in the form of Mini Ninjas! A third-person action-adventure game, Mini Ninjas incorporates just about all the fun things you can imagine about being a super-stealthy ninja warrior while staying appropriate for players as young as ten. This, along with a strong set of core gameplay mechanics and challenge factor, gives the game the double-edged sword appeal of being both accessible to younger players while still offering plenty for more experienced gamers.

To get you up to speed here’s some plot: An old Ninja Master has sensed a great disturbance in The Force…oops – we mean in the balance of nature. So he sends his most trusted students down from Ninja Mountain and into the world to investigate. Hiro and Futo are sent to find out what’s happening and to rescue their missing classmates after they neglected to return. As you play you’ll see how the difficulty ramps up with you always providing a challenge and for you to give it your all. The combat is of the “simple to learn, tougher to master variety” and will keep you hooked.

To play, navigate to the GeForce NOW menu within SHIELD Hub on your SHIELD Android TV. You’ll find Mini Ninjas in the New for Members category.

GeForce NOW is the world’s first cloud-gaming service capable of streaming PC games at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Members enjoy access to a library of 80-plus games they can play on-demand, plus the option to purchase new games and play them instantly. Membership is free for the first three months, then just $7.99 per month.

If you don’t already own one you’re missing out, pick up an NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV today.

**Mini Ninjas is currently rated E10 by the Entertainment Software Rating Board and is recommended for all players over the age of ten.

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