Tomb Raider: Anniversary Comes To GeForce NOW

This Week NVIDIA has released another Square Enix game, that game is Tomb Raider: Anniversary is a game that originally came out in 2007 to celebrate the original Tomb Raider game which is available on Android and Android TV. If you’ve enjoyed any of the old or new Tomb Raider games then Anniversary is the perfect blend of both so give it a shot, I mean if you’re a GeForce Now member then it’s free with your membership so what do you have to lose? If you have no idea of the plot and want a quick up to speed then be sure to read below the screenshots.

Lara Croft is on an epic hunt for the mystical Scion of Atlantis – a quest that will take her to ancient tombs and lost and forgotten cities in such exotic locales as Peru, Greece, Egypt and more. At every step of the way you’ll have to help Lara outwit the evil businesswoman Jacqueline Natlas, and her gun-toting henchmen in addition to some beasts of nature, who are also vying for the Scion. Rivals aside, simply navigating the environment is an immense challenge as the tombs are rife with traps and pitfalls, and there’s plenty of climbing, jumping and intense physical aerobatics to perform. Thankfully, in addition to Legend’s eye-candy upgrades, you also get access to Lara’s Legend abilities, which include her grappling hook, 45-degree jumps and shimmying abilities.

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