Vimeo Plans a Subscription Service

Vimeo is a video streaming company which started out in 2004 and continues today as a small alternative to YouTube. The site is ad-free. Instead of ads, filmmakers pay a yearly fee to get video analytics and upload higher-quality content. It has become a popular site for indie filmmakers to post their content and the site has a lot of great content to discover.

They have experimented with on-demand purchases in the past, where users can pay to access a specific video. Now it seems like Vimeo is working to set up a new service where users can access a channel of content on a monthly basis. This is according to a letter from Vimeo’s interim CEO Joey Levin to shareholders. It works well with Vimeo’s recent acquisition of VHX, a company that builds the infrastructure for video streaming services.

Our model here is to take a small portion of the subscription at only $1 per subscriber per month with the goal to share in the success of channels not extract dollars upfront from the emerging ecosystem

It seems like costs will be relatively modest and encourage creators to continue generating great content. Vimeo is betting on volume, not on making as much as possible from a small pool. This is similar to YouTube Red, YouTube’s own $10/month subscription service. Will Vimeo, like YouTube Red, have a variety of exclusive content for subscribers? There’s a lot that will become more clear as the plan is followed through.

Vimeo has the once-in-a-generation opportunity to, following in Netflix’s footsteps, deliver compelling subscription viewing experiences for consumers in the market for pay TV

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be a Vimeo app on Google Play, but if they were to continue developing into a full streaming service, streaming boxes would likely be an area for them to focus.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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