Pluto TV Adds New Channels

Pluto TV, an app that shows hundreds of channels based on careful curation from a variety of sources, has recently received a big update. One of the hallmark features is the inclusion of new channels, and we’ll be taking a look at all of them in this article. One of Pluto TV’s big features is integration with Live Channels, giving you access to plenty of Internet channels alongside your over-the-air antenna channels.

These channels reflect some of newer types of content that have grown in popularity recently, and overall it seems like the channel lineup has been cleaned and simplified.


The Feed


The Feed is a new channel focused around tech. Gaming, reviews, and in-depth analyses are all types of things you may find. When I tuned to it, there was a discussion about the Nintendo Switch. It may seem like this is in the same area of HIVE, though the show later discussed Star Trek. So, this channel will probably be more general and focus on nerd culture in addition to tech.



Reality TV isn’t particularly a genre I’m interested in, but when I tuned to this channel, a pop culture overview show was playing. Topics included the recent Gilmore Girls reboot and other celebrity news. Other shows will probably cover pop culture in other ways.



The video that was playing related to the recently released Final Fantasy XV game. The video was an overview from IGN, primarily consisting of gameplay. HIVE bills itself as “for the gamer” and seems like it will include things like Let’s Play videos.

Internet Gold


The Internet has popularized “fail videos”, where the protagonist or a nearby individual makes a significant mistake. It’s a video genre that may not be well produced, but it is honest. When I tuned to this channel, I watched a few clips from America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was a compilation of a lot of dog videos. These weren’t particularly fail-worthy, or funny, but interesting to watch all the same.



How funny are the shows on FunnyAF? This channel was playing “Getting Doug with High”, a talk show with guest Jenny Slate. I think I caught the beginning, as neither of them were high, but it seemed like it would happen later in the show. Other shows include Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Comedy Inc.



The acronym for THC isn’t defined, although channel 420 implies a particular meaning. When I tuned to it, a cartoon was playing which seemed to be targeted toward an adult audience. It reminded me a bit of South Park in its artistic style and crudeness.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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