Razer Forge TV is Dead, but Custom ROMs Let it Live on

A couple weeks ago, user Der Retroluzzer on the Razerzone forums posted an email thread they had with customer support at Razer. Their email was in regards to Razer’s Android TV device, the Razer Forge TV. It had a lot of potential. Razer had acquired Ouya and started encouraging developers to update their games to support a new gaming store known as “Cortex“. It launched late last year with little fanfare and seemingly no big news since.

Razer Forge TV is dead

The console had a number of issues, including the fact that Netflix didn’t work. A service as crucial as Netflix is something that probably should be supported, but was among the console’s biggest failings. Additionally, it failed to separate itself from its competition: other Android TVs and the NVIDIA Shield. Though Razer stated at the end of the last year that they were “doubling down“, there haven’t been too many developments since. On its store page, the purchase option has been replaced with a button to notify the user if there are more in inventory.

unfortunately we do not sell the Forge TV anymore

Yet Razer did manage to sell devices, and these owners are now left with a device that’s at the end of its natural life. Nevertheless, the hacker community has been trying to bring a breath of fresh air into the device through custom ROMs that enable more capabilities. Gabriel Gomez has been working on a custom ROM for the Forge TV. One new feature is allowing for adoptable storage, to increase your device’s internal storage. Additionally, the infamous Netflix problem was solved in a recent build by making the device appear to be a Mi Box.

Is this the end for Razer’s console? Officially, yes, but unofficially no. There are still users and still those who want to continue using this device to its fullest potential. What will we see from Razer next? It looks like Jide Technology, the company behind Remix OS and the Remix player, are looking for a partnership with Razer.

Will this manifest itself in a new console such as the Remix IO? It’s hard to say right now, but with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) next month, who knows what will be announced?

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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