Shield Experience 5.0 Rolls Out, is Android Nougat 7.0

NVIDIA has been testing the latest version of Android, Nougat, on the first-generation Shield. After a few weeks, they are now rolling out the update to all users. This is the same version of the operating system that has come by default with the second-generation Shield TV. With this update, both devices should be at feature parity with respect to software. The “OK Google” hotword will only work with the second-generation gamepad, although that can pair to the first-party Shield if you order it separately.

Notable Changes

System upgrade_20170109_150733

System upgrade_20170109_150750

  • The multitasking menu can be opened by double tapping the home button (as opposed to long holding it for the gaming dashboard)
  • Android Nougat brings support for PiP, improved Vulkan and HDR graphics, recents, multiple Google accounts, and more
  • DVR support in Live Channels
  • Double tapping on the remote’s volume slider now acts as a pause and play toggle
  • Ability to write to an attached SD card or USB drive
  • Casting support in HBO Go
  • Improved surround sound for Plex

System upgrade_20170109_150630

Additionally, you will get new apps like Amazon Prime Video built in without sideloading and having playback issues. Other apps like Google Assistant are coming later. Update: Steam is a banner after connecting to a GameStream-ready PC and launching Steam via GameStream you should see the Steam Big Picture icon on the Games row and in the NVIDIA Games app in the “Play Now” row. Steam haven’t arrived yet, but will likely be added to the Play Store.

System upgrade_20170109_150813

This does appear to be Android 7.0, not the very latest 7.1, but nothing new is added for TVs in 7.1 regardless.

You should get started with the download as soon as possible, as it’s over a gigabyte in size. What new features are you seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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