[Review] MouseBot The Latest Game From Vector Unit

Vector Unit is a Developer best known for the Riptide series of games. This time around there’s no jet skis here just a mouse-bot, his cheese and some lab cats. It’s called MouseBot and it’s a free to play game with IAPs that you don’t really need, only if you want them you can buy them which in my opinion is how it should be.

At first it seems like a modified endless runner because their just easing the user into the game but really it’s more of a puzzle runner in which you have to solve on the fly as the game progressively gets harder.

Each Stage has 6 levels and a new type of way to ruin your day, each one is harder than the next one in my play through so far. Vector Unit did a great job with building up the difficulty as the game progresses which is always something you appreciate in a good game. Basic traps such as dodging buzz saws or stompers get to be complicated when you have the constant acceleration to deal with. And to add fuel to the fire they’re combined in sequence, which can be real brain-scratchers, as you have to figure out which ones are safe to just drive past, or possibly jump over. You can’t really stop yourself, well okay for 10 seconds you can, if you spin around and that’s about all the leeway you get incase you miss any cheese on your way to the finish. Being a completionist I’ve used all 10 seconds to get a missing cheese. Now what can you get with all this cheese? Cosmetic items is the answer! Everything you could imagine to pimp out your MouseBot. Also there’s save gates which allow you to re spawn from them as long as you have tokens to use them. This is where the IAP come in, you can buy more if need be but so far I’ve earned back what I’ve used but I’m only halfway through the game so I may be speaking too soon.

Support for Google Play Games is out of the box with a seamless sign-in and Achievements.

If you wanna see some gameplay watch the video below.

Being built on the same technology used in Beach Buggy Racing & Riptide GP: Renegade it’s a genre hybrid which is a fresh feel to Android gaming and staying casual at the same time. I’ll be sure to play it through because I’ve enjoyed it that much and it’s easy to pick up and play. So if you haven’t already pick it up for free using the link below and escape from the CatLab!


Developed & Published by:         Vector Unit®

Mobile platforms:                           iTunes:  iPhone, iPad, Apple TV

Google Play:  Android Phones and Tablets, Android TV, SHIELD TV

Amazon:  Fire Tablets, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Price:                                                    Free to Play (with ads and IAP)

Web Page:                                          www.vectorunit.com/mousebot

Video:                                                  Official Trailer (YouTube)

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