[Editorial] Banner Packs – Icon Packs For Android TV

One of the great thing about Android that I embrace to give some pop to my home screen is icon packs. Anyone exposed to this great freedom knows how much fun it can be to truly make your home screen yours and not have to abide by the rules that others enforce on you. Since I first picked up my first Android phone the Atrix 2 and started making modifications from Rooting to Viper4Android I always used icons packs, even on my Nexus 6p I have now.

Now this makes sense for personal devices such as phones and tablets and even watches, but for TV it’s a little bit different. First off you have a situation of the TV being more public and having multiple people interact with it so constant icon/banner changes could be cumbersome for family or roommates you share the TV with. Second you have the situation of Android TV has banners and not really icons, so there may be slight technical tweaks there. Third is would there be a market for it or would a proof of concept be as far as it goes?

All of these things are real questions that need to be answered. So to test the waters our very own ITVLab app TV App Repo has added in support for this! In addition we have a guide for all artist in the Android community to come contribute their own banners as they’ve done for icon packs before.



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