Tv App Repo Adds Support for Icon and Banner Packs

For many experienced Android tinkerers, they have switched to a third-party launcher that enables a variety of customizations and control over the look and feel of their homescreen. One of the biggest parts of “look” is the icon pack. By downloading one, available as an app, the user is able to swap all of the application icons that may be on their homescreen. This allows everything to look consistent.

This level of customization has not really reached Android TV. Most users use the standard launcher, which doesn’t natively support anything like this, and one must use another launcher. On Android TV, there aren’t icons as much as banners. Instead of a square frame, banners are rectangular and should include the app’s title embedded within the image itself.

From the MaterialOS Icon Pack

With the update today to Tv App Repo, users can now access icon packs within the app. Want to put Firefox on the homescreen? Your icon packs can help you style the app exactly how you want.

This will replace the entire banner of the app
See, it is a third-party banner which is a shortcut to Firefox

Another change is the introduction of banner packs, which any developer can create, in order to make your TV experience consistent with the rest of the UI. While app icons may appear, they are paired with a bland gray background. Custom banners can fill the entire container with a vivid and fitting image.

Both types of custom graphics will appear in the app for relevant apps, provided you have icon or banner packs installed. If you want, you can still provide a custom URL to get the perfect graphic.

We have developed a sample custom banner pack for you to try out. It’s also available on GitHub.

Tv App Repo has also been updated with this change, and that is also open source. The update also includes some bug fixes around web shortcuts and other crashes.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Tv App Repo
Tv App Repo
Developer: Felker Tech
Price: Free

Nick Felker

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