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When we first launched a year and a half ago, there was not a lot of enthusiasm about Android TV. Few apps supported it, the launcher was barebones, and it felt like a nice idea but incomplete. Since then, we’ve seen numerous apps and games launch on TV, multiple operating system iterations that have made it easier to use, and many changes to first-party apps that have improved the user experience.

We have been documenting this journey the whole time, putting in a lot of our time in order to make maintain the site. While we have been using display ads on the site to mixed reactions, we would like to shift to a more consistent and less annoying form of revenue by launching a Patreon.

Patreon is a crowdfunding site that lets patrons support creators by donating small chunks of money on a weekly or monthly (in our case, monthly), basis.

We have some big plans for the future of this site. As a developer I have been writing articles from a developer focus, but we would like to start getting guest authors to provide their own perspectives on emulators, Kodi, gaming, Android TV tricks, and other areas of expertise. As the TV continues to blend with other Internet devices in the Home through Google Assistant¬†and other manufacturers, we’d like to cover useful information in that realm. We would like to compensate these authors for their time as well, to help give readers high-quality content.

Part of these plans relate to the first goal, a big redesign of the site. We’ve been looking for new types of progressive web apps that are fast to load and can perform as well as a native app. Along with this redesign we would like to add a native ad removal feature, where patrons who log in don’t see ads. That allows users to get an ad-free experience while still helping support us.

We’re also launching a Discord community, where we plan to host gaming events and do other cool things, that will be exclusive to our patrons.

This is entirely optional. But as we continue to grow, we’re thinking about what’s next for us and how we can provide better content to our audience. If you’re interested, you can get started here.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

Nick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he's not studying, he is a software developer for the web and Android (Felker Tech). He has several open source projects on GitHub (http://github.com/fleker) Devices: Moto G-2013 Moto G-2015, Moto 360, Google ADT-1, Nexus 7-2013 (x2), Lenovo Laptop, Custom Desktop. Although he was an intern at Google, the content of this blog is entirely independent and his own thoughts.

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