Nick Felker Leaving Android Tv News – Joining Google as Developer Programs Engineer

Today I’m putting in a one-week notice for the site. One week from now I’ll be starting a full-time position at Google as a Developer Programs Engineer. Similar to my work on the TIF Companion Library, the position will consist of me working with the developer community on various Google products.

With this career move I will leaving the site. Being a full-time Googler will make it impossible to write honestly and independently. My content would be inherently biased and limited to what is available in the public. I wouldn’t want to filter my writing through a certain lens, and it wouldn’t be fair to the readers.

I’d be unable to report on rumors of new products or services, both within Google and their partners. Other writers on the site may do so, but that would make me personally liable due to the personal association between myself and the author. Establishing professional barriers will be imperative going forward.

What about my apps? I have published many TV apps through the brand of ITV Lab. From the start I wanted to help spur a community of developers to contribute and have made the apps open source from the start. Interested individuals can take on the responsibility of maintaining a project. While I may contribute changes occasionally, I’m unsure if I will have the time to devote to full-time maintenance. Thankfully, the apps are mostly feature-complete at this point, barring any potential future issues.

Cumulus TV is one of the more popular applications that I have maintained. I would like to continue working on this, along with a full re-architecture of it, but I will have to make sure I can find the time for it.

This site will continue to be updated by the other contributors. There’s plenty of news being made in the smart TV space, as you can see from everything on the site. If you want to start writing as a paid contributor, now’s a great time to get started.

It’s been a great two years, and I look forward to what’s next.

This isn’t good-bye. I’ll still be a part of the community, and will be able to share the cool things I’m working on (once they’re public).

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

Nick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he's not studying, he is a software developer for the web and Android (Felker Tech). He has several open source projects on GitHub ( Devices: Moto G-2013 Moto G-2015, Moto 360, Google ADT-1, Nexus 7-2013 (x2), Lenovo Laptop, Custom Desktop. Although he was an intern at Google, the content of this blog is entirely independent and his own thoughts.

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  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Good Luck

  • Gfame103

    Thanks for your contribution to the site. Good luck on the new gig.

  • Em Me

    Congrats! Best of luck.

  • Nicola P.

    Thank You Nick, I really liked your articles. Good luck!

  • Allan Farrell

    Best of Luck NIck!

  • Craig

    Okay, Nick? Once you’re inside the hive-mind of Google? Here’s my Android TV wishlist:

    – Redesigned and/or significantly updated Google Music app.
    – The release of an Google Photos app.
    – Google Chrome added to Android TV (like it should have already been).
    – Fire TV (newest launcher) sized app icon sizes on Android O-release via a launcher update. The launcher icons (favorites @ top in O) should be a quarter bigger.
    – Overhauled Android TV remote app for phone/tablet with ability to launch apps.

    • Kawshik Ahmed

      The first 3 wish is not part of Android TV team. Google Music, Google Photos and Google Chrome have different developer team. The ATV team can ask for ATV support but if those team don’t want to support them, then there is nothing they can do.

      • Craig

        Corporate Synergy at work, huh?

        When the left-hand and right-hand don’t want to work together as a seamless whole? How does the body even expect to function? If Google wants to have a successful TV platform in the living room? The head tells both hands what to do and they simply get along, whether they want to or not.

  • Tinwarble

    Congrats Nick! We’ll miss your contributions here on ATVNews.

  • josuearisty

    Excellent! Good luck man!

    Will you continue working with Cumulus TV app? This app should be integrated to Live Channels!

  • ike301

    Good luck to you.

  • Harley

    @Nick, Gongratulations! Got an idea request/suggestion for you then for a possible TIF based project that I think would become very popular, and that suggestion is to make a TIF based “PVR backend” (TV tuner server app) for Kodi / XBMC’s PVR API.

    Kodi uses a client-server architecture for its PVR / Live TV interface which means it relies on external apps to access (USB) TV tuners and provide the channels and EPG metadata as streams to Kodi via its PVR API/ABI which in turn uses addons/plugins as extensions to achieve this:

    See: and

    Kodi features a PVR (Live TV and EPG GUI) interface which has PVR API/ABI for connecting to third-party TV-tuner applications, and such compatible third-party TV-tuner applications exist for all OS platforms but Android.

    This means that today you can not watch Live TV in Kodi on Android using a USB TV tuner (or integrated TV tuner), and that is because there is no TIF PVR client addon for Kodi or no PVR backends running nativly on Android which supports TIF.

    When and if there would be a PVR backend that runs as a native Android app and is compatible with Kodi to that way access local (USB) TV tuners then I believe such an app would become very popular.

    PS: I believe that Google and its Android TV team already have an established relationship with the Team Kodi developers, but if not then might also make a contact through Nvidia which I’m certian already have an established relationship with both parties for the Nvidia Shield TV.

  • Akeem Bruce

    best of luck

  • WorkerBee

    Congrats Nick … and thankyou for this site and all the efforts and posts.

    I’ve been an almost daily long time reader, Android TV fan, cord cutter, Product Manager and hobbyist FE Dev.

    Glad to hear you landed the dream job 😁