Google Home Users Can Now Make Phone Calls

Good news for those who are lazy, like talking on speaker, busy using their hands for something else like cooking or just want to talk on something that is the future. Google announced the Google Home can now make phone calls for you and don’t worry it gets better.

Users in the US & Canada can dial anyone in their contacts and local businesses for free — so long as the call recipient is in one of those two countries. The calling feature was first announced back in May at Google I/O.

How Do I Call?

So how do you call? It’s as simple as say “Hey/Ok Google call (Contact)” Note: If they’re a personal contact they need to be in your Google Contacts for Google to know who you’re talking about. If it’s a business let Google handle that. Calls are made over Wi-Fi so you’ll never have to be concerned about this.


So What’s the Catch?

With Google there’s always some sort of catch on launch well here it is. If you’re not a Google Voice or Project Fi user, the person you’re calling from Google Home won’t see a recognizable phone number. Instead, they’ll see “unknown” or “no caller ID”. On the bright side it supports multi-user so it knows who’s contacts list to use based on who’s talking. This feature is rolling out so keep asking Google to call and you’ll have it soon enough!

Calls to 911 are not supported.

Source: Google

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