Google Assistant Arrives to Android TV First On SHIELD

For a Thursday you don’t usually expect a lot of news, today is different. The long awaited Google Assistant is here and first on the Nvidia SHIELD with Sony Bravia TV’s to follow.

How Do I Get it?

SHIELD experience 6.0 is how and it’s out today just check your SHIELD for an update.

What Can It Do?

Most commands work on Android TV and then you’ll have some specific ones, most notably “turn off” because we don’t leave our entertainment center on all the time.

Google Assistant apps work on it such as Fitstar.

Play (video name) works for YouTube, Netflix and HBO.

Ordering food or items via Google Express and many more things.

There’s more?!

Yep it doesn’t stop there, remember the SmartThings integration? When paired with a SmartThings Link, SHIELD works as a SmartThings Hub, integrating with hundreds of Works With SmartThings certified partner products on the market. Using SHIELD, you’ll be able to perform tasks like turning on your lights, adjusting the thermostat and much more. So how much? Normally $39.99 it will be $14.99 as a starting promotional price, as of right now no link is live. Lastly just for kicks 3 months of YouTube Red to celebrate this for SHIELD owners.

It’s finally here for SHIELD owners so time to go enjoy the Assistant, leave your thoughts and comments below.

Source: Google Blog

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