In the rougelike game Road Not Taken, from development studio Spry Fox, you play as a ranger who lives near a small village. Although you are not a traditional townsperson, your skills are often called upon for a variety of services. comes from a poem by Robert Frost. Two roads diverged in a wood, and […]

Broadcasters will be seeing a number of technology upgrades as they move from the ATSC-1 standard to ATSC-3, bringing new things like broadband and broadcast joint channels, HDR and 8K broadcast capabilities, and setting up the future of cable television. While we covered a brief summary in an earlier article, I wanted to give readers […]

I’ve had an interview with username ParticleManPrime from Reddit and the /r/Android Discord server who owns one of those new LeEco Android TV’s. I’ve conducted the interview from Discord. So far, he’s revealed a few things. The built-in apps from LeEco are “Live” “Le” “Le Zone” and “My Le Eco”. Apparently Live and Le show curated […]

Platformers are a pretty common genre, a type that has had major successes like Mario and Sonic. It can be tough to find an idea that’s fairly unique in the genre, although when I tried out Super Phantom Cat, I found a game whose art and sound was strangely unique and enticing. The premise of […]