Tuesday? Check ✓ New GeForce Now game? Check ✓​ Born out of Kickstarter, Tides of Numenera is the spiritual successor to 1999’s Planescape Torment, which is widely regarded by critics and fans as one of the finest RPGs of all time. In addition, Tides of Numenera was developed by Brian Fargo’s InXile Entertainment, which has enjoyed crowd-funded success with Wasteland 2 and The […]

Video games have had a short but rich history. Pong, one of the first games, was released just forty-five years ago. The game Evoland, available on Google Play and Steam, takes users through an abridged history. The game starts out with monochrome graphics, eventually growing to 3D models. Gameplay also goes through this evolution. It […]

Another week another game added to the ever-expanding list of games on GeForce Now the world’s first cloud-gaming service capable of streaming PC games at up to 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The game added this week is Risen 3: Titan Lords the 3rd in the Risen series. You can buy the latest installment in […]

Telltale Games is company that’s been making some high quality games, including the recent Minecraft: Story Mode game. Additionally, all of these games have been launched with Android TV support, making it easy for consumers to download and play on any of their devices. Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones, an episodic video game based off […]

A roguelike game is a type of role-playing game that focuses on a niche within the RPG genre. Levels are procedurally generated and character death is permanent. Survival is a key aspect. It’s often still a fantasy type of game, so there’ll be magic, monsters, and loot. One game within this genre, WazHack, just added […]