Now that October 4th has come and Google’s big reveal is gone it leaves some questions that people want answered. The following is to inform readers of which Google Home device is right for them. Anthony GareraAnthony is usually tinkering with everything and anything because there’s always one more thing to do, reviewing games and […]

How to Side-Load Apps on Android TV Android TV is great for streaming, especially if you have an Nvidia Shield TV. However, maybe you want to put on a video or two and watch on Kodi? How would we go about doing that you might ask? Thankfully we have a few methods for this, but […]

Android O is focusing on a wide variety of issues to make the user experience better and more secure. One feature, uncovered by Android Police, blocks apps installing APKs until the user explicitly approves that application. Users still need to allow installing apps from unknown sources, but it would then give more control over which […]

Android TV is very flexible ecosystem and Android as a whole has historically been open to whatever you want to add if you can write it. When Google Cast came out people loved the idea of a ChromeCast but wanted to skip new hardware and add it to any Android device they had, so that […]

Last week we discussed the music visualization app projectM, which just released an app optimized for Android TV. Some comments noted their unenthusiasm about the default styles that are included in the app and asked how to use their own. This is a brief guide on how to download and use visualizations that you can […]

Looking for a list of commands the your Google Home will understand? Since the Google Home only came out a short while ago I’ve decided it’s a good idea to have an easy to access resource to remind the community what’s achievable with this size of salsa digital assistant we call Google Home. This list […]

The Dolphin Emulator has become known as the de-facto emulator for GameCube and Wii games. This open-source software is available for OSX, Linux, Windows, and Android. It specifically has support for Android TV. The emulator has seen some great progress recently, adding support for Vulkan graphics and finally getting every Gamecube game to load. This […]

When you first boot your Android TV, you’ll see the homescreen known as the Leanback Launcher. This launcher, made by Google, provides you with the ability to quickly open TV apps, games, and view your recommendations. For OEMs, they can add another row to place their own custom apps or recommended apps. The homescreen is […]

Live Channels is Android TV’s “killer app”, seamlessly blending live TV with app-based channels in a singular UI with DVR capabilities coming soon. It represents the new age of media where anyone can become a media mogul just by creating content. The barrier to entry is lower than ever before. If you have just started […]

If you’re one of those Android TV users who love politics but ditched your paid TV service, you might be wondering how you’ll watch the next Presidential Debate this upcoming Wednesday. (Wait, how did you watch the last ones?) Let’s take a look at a couple of options. The first is a reliable YouTube stream, the second […]

#SIDELOADTAG is an app from the developers of PuppetMaster.TV which uses TinyUrl shortlinks to quickly install apps on your phone or on your Android TV. Instead of dealing with copying a file onto a USB drive or using Google Drive, you just type in a short, 6-character tag in a dialog box to download and […]

Have you ever opened up the Google Cast menu and been confused by the names? If you have two Nexus Players, they may both identify with that name, leading to uncertainty about where your video will be casted. It may make more sense to rename one or both devices so you have a more contextual […]

Introduction Voice Commands have been evolving into an exciting part of the “smart” feature set and this includes smart TV devices. It is no secret that Google’s ultimate goal is to create a Star Trek “Computer” like experience. Although we are not quite there yet, the Voice Commands on Android TV can actually be surprisingly […]

Voice Commands are game changing for the latest generations of TV boxes and Android TV’s are obviously the best 🙂 . Apparently Google prefers some voice commands to be Easter Eggs because they really don’t advertize them very well. I stumbled upon this last one by accident… Check it out: The “What’s on TV?” command […]

SiliconDust has not developed or released a single Android TV device. But, their lineup of network connected tuners are so important to Android TV users (especially the cord-cutters among us) that I have decided to go in-depth with their HDHomeRun products. What is a Network Connected Tuner? A network connected tuner is a device that […]