Yesterday Plex announced their live TV & DVR service is expanding to other platforms, Android mobile and Apple TV. Out of beta Also with this expansion the feature is officially out of beta testing but you’ll still need a Plex pass. Timeshifting On top of Live TV support, Plex is giving you the ability to […]

Kotlin has been discussed in the Android development community as a potential replacement for Java. It has several advantages that make it quicker and easier to write, with less boilerplate and potential errors. It can be compiled into Java, making it possible to use on Android, although with a few workarounds. Today, Google announced that […]

Not to be confused with the popular and well-known Penny Arcade Expo aka PAX but Google has today announced PAX, which stands for “Android Networked Cross-License Agreement”, so yeah that makes perfect sense somehow. Basically, this new licensing program will allow members — which include some of Google’s many Android partners — to stop threatening […]

Exoplayer version 2.2 is upon us, exactly what does this mean to the average user? Better video playback and more features in any video oriented applications in a nutshell. People who want to know the underlyings of ExoPlayer please read on. ExoPlayer 2.2 adds a number of new features, as well as another batch of […]

The Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) is an important document for OEMs. It is a document, written by engineers at Google, that stipulates what is required in an Android device. This may differ based on form factor (TV, phone, watch), but overall states what is recommended and required for products before they’re certified. This certification […]

Jide, who Jide? Well if you didn’t know they’re the team that made Remix OS. So here’s some backstory to this, Jide recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for a multi-purpose box that runs the company’s Android-based operating system. The Remix IO is positioned as a device that can be used as a sort of desktop-style computer, or as […]

From the studio who brought you Surgeon Simulator comes the completely off the wall ‘I am Bread’  the epic story of a slice of bread’s journey to become toast. Plot: You are bread! Your mission, become toast! Take on all hazards to deliciousness as you head on an adventure across 8 levels taking bread from its natural confine […]

The first Monday of every month has become synonymous with Google publishing a security update for the Android operating system based on internal and external reports from security researchers. October’s security patches have just been released. Nexus devices such as the Nexus Player should be getting the OTA update in the next few days. The […]

Today is the big day! No need to refresh the page live updates will be posted as it happens. The event starts at 12 EST,  9AM Google HQ time.   Anthony GareraAnthony is usually tinkering with everything and anything because there’s always one more thing to do, reviewing games and apps and complaining about things […]

There are two major visual developments happening in TVs today: Ultra-high definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR). These video formats can work in conjunction to provide content that’s not only sharper but also richer in color and contrast. However, one of the big challenges for HDR technology is the lack of content. TVs which […]

Apps are everywhere and can do almost anything. Although software development has existed for decades, new platforms make it easy for a developer to write a single app for a phone, TV, watch, and car dashboard. This opens up numerous opportunities to create a compelling user experience, many of which were previously not conceived. The […]

Google has recently published the latest security bulletin, a monthly event where security flaws in Android are disclosed and fixed. Nexus device owners, including owners of the Nexus Player, shortly receive OTA updates that give them these security fixes. This month there are a large set of fixes across various APIs, and they’ve split it […]

The first Monday of each month has become Android Security day, when Google publishes a notice about all the security issues that have been reported and fixed in the last month. Like previous security updates, Google has alerted partners about these bugs ahead of time so they are able to issue patches. Additionally, Nexus devices […]

It’s the first Monday of May, and that means there are some new factory images and OTAs for Google’s Nexus line. These are the monthly security patches include bug fixes and optimizations and are released on a monthly cycle. Google has posted the security bulletin to explain the major risks that have been fixed in the […]

Although the Leanback UI on the NVIDIA Shield TV is designed to be easy to control using a DPAD, this may create some limitations that users don’t want. This led a group of XDA Developers to create a full Android ROM, turning your Shield TV into effectively a huge tablet. The video goes through the […]

A new look for Google Play family of apps In the tradition of change and the fact that it’s been four years, to give a consistent look across the family of play apps Google has decided four years was enough separation and has brought the family together for unification. You’ll now notice a common trend […]

Today Google surprised us all and released a preview for all current Nexus devices including the near and dear Nexus Player. Most of the big news is on the Phone/Tablet side but Android TV has some hidden tricks up its sleeves. The first trick we’ve discovered is the addition of Android TV Recording API’s. Building on […]

So you’re interested in the internet of things? First thing that comes to mind is probably a Philips Hue or LIFX. In this case LIFX gets the early adoption and app development for its very developer friendly product. Seen below is a video of how it works. How Does It Work? Now after watching this […]

Every month Google has been releasing a patch to their operating system focused around fixing security issues which have been reported either internally or from outside organizations. As the month has just arrived, it is time for another security patch. These fixes, which are still considered Android 6.0.1, will be rolling out to Nexus Player […]

Google continues to keep Android secure by issuing another security patch for Android. Nexus owners, including the Nexus Player, should be getting a series of OTA updates within the next couple of days. This version, still 6.0.1, seems at first glance to only contain security fixes. Nexus Player owners have been having color issues on […]