The FCC has spent the past many months looking at the consumer complaints about cable and trying to solve them with a number of proposals. Specifically, they center around the cable box: an expensive box which is underpowered and provides poor user experiences. Their most recent proposal was to mandate cable providers create apps for […]

HD? 720p? That’s out of style. Now the industry has moved on to more innovative things. The current big focus is around 4K video. Much like HD video a decade ago, there is a dearth of content and few networks who are willing to pay the expenses for an all 4K video channel. To some, […]

Smart TVs today consist of a wide range of platforms, many of which are built in-house or are licensed from one of several different companies: LG’s WebOS, Firefox OS, Samsung’s Tizen OS, and plenty of other platforms that can run a handful of apps including Netflix. The other side of this includes set-top boxes, additional […]

Showtime, the TV and movie channel, has had a standalone subscription service for interested viewers for a few months. However, though cable subscriptions are dropping, many people still pay for cable and Showtime is included in that cable subscription. What if one of those customers wanted to use an app? The answer is their TV […]

Sony has for a couple of years had their own cable subscription service called Playstation Vue. Although it was originally just available for their Playstation 3 and 4 consoles, they’ve slowly expanded the number of supported devices. They’ve recently added support for Amazon Fire TV. Playstation Vue is also coming to the Chromecast. Their iOS […]

On Thanksgiving, as I flipped through TV channels with my family, we came across something spectacular. The TV channel Destination America was airing Railroad Alaska Real Time Ride, which is literally five hours of a train’s dashcam. It is 130 miles through the Alaskan tundra. Most of the time, there is nothing interesting to see: […]

Presto is an Australian movie and TV streaming service. For $15 a month ($9 if you choose between movies or TV shows) you get access to shows you won’t find on Netflix in the US like Big Bang Theory and Mr. Robot. The service has been growing, with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android […]