Since Google I/O we’ve known a lot of services are coming to Google Home over this year and early next such as Deezer and Spotify Free. Today we get another in the form of a video content provider. So, Google Home owners, open your Google Home app and look under video’s and photo’s and you’ll […]

Chromecast functionality, allowing your phone to quickly cast media to a speaker directly or through an Internet connection, has slowly been adopted in the speaker industry. Jensen has just announced their new smart speaker, named the JSB-1000. This device, which is expected to retail for around $170, should appear in many stores. In addition to […]

Google Cast has slowly been making its way into more features such as speakers and Google Home. With Google Cast speakers, users can quickly start playing music on different devices in their home. Brookstone announced new speakers two weeks ago that let you connect using Bluetooth or Google Cast to stream music or other types […]

Announced during CES, the new line of television sets manufactured by Polaroid will have Chromecast tech inside. This lighter-weight implementation provides your TV with some intelligence without having a fully interactive operating system. The TVs will come in sizes between 43 and 75 inches, with $500 as the cheapest model. Each TV is UHD with […]

This week at CES in Las Vegas, LG Electronics is showcasing an expanded lineup of audio products to appeal to a wide range of consumers from avid audiophiles to casual listeners and features Chromecast built-in. The first soundbar the SJ9 is Dolby Atmos enabled and the SJ9 is equipped with multiple cutting-edge speakers. For those of you […]

A recently developed website makes it easy to stream any media to your Chromecasts and Android TVs, as long as you have the URL. Got a new Chromecast or Android TV for Christmas? You’ll want to try it out with all kinds of videos and music. However, the media you want to play may not […]

There are a lot of different apps that you can download on your TV. By authenticating with your account, you can quickly gain access to all of your settings and content. After authenticating, you can relax, watch a movie in your library, listen to your favorite playlist, or return to the latest level of a […]

Google is promoting their new Chromecast Ultra, a Chromecast that supports ultra high-definition and HDR videos when connected to a support display. As part of their marketing, Google wants to provide content for users to watch. When you activate your device using the Google Home app, you’ll soon receive an offer to get a free […]

Google always publishes Google Cast release notes for devs every time there’s a new release. Last month there was 3 updates which is unheard of but a lot went on last month. So this month has been quiet until now. Today Google has finally updated Cast to support 4K for all devs and not just […]

Fox Sports is the sports arm for the Fox Broadcasting Company, covering a large range of American sports. While some people watch on a TV channel, the growing population of cordcutters has enabled the creation of the mobile app Fox Sports Go. There were some hints in August that Google Cast support would be coming […]

Back in March Google Cast wasn’t Google Cast it was the Chromecast app. Well looks like that was a short title run and a new champion I mean app name has been crowned and it goes by the name of Google Home. Google is pushing Home pretty hard as the center of your house hold […]

In a recent Variety exclusive Google revealed key details of this plan during a closed-door meeting with industry insiders about a month after publicly unveiling Google Home at Google I/O. The meeting was only between about 50 people and was at Google HQ in Mountain View. After working with vendors/OEMs on cast enabled products Google Home […]

In the last week, Google has released a beta version of the Chromecast OS. With this update, they removed all Chrome branding within the OS. This might have something to do with the event that Google is hosting next week. According to Android Police the boot image on the new Chromecast OS has the Google logo instead […]

Google Chrome, the web browser, has recently added built-in support for Google Cast. This enables the browser to easily cast a video or the screen without the overhead of additional software. Now another feature has come to the web browser aimed at Chromecasts. It is the “Manage Cast Devices” feature, which is now available for […]

Google Cast has come a long way since it was first revealed a little more than 3 (2 as an extension) years ago. From being a low price stick of magic for the big services like Netflix, Plex, Hulu and HBO it’s grown a lot. Since then the following has been launched new Cast devices like […]

The Olympics are starting August 5th, a global competition with players from 207 nations. It’s going to be a massive event that will draw in a lot of people, and many people will want to watch these events on their TV. In the US, NBC has an exclusive contract to broadcast the Olympics. For those […]

With most music services today, users are streaming mp3 files. These are compressed audio files which are optimal for streaming because of their smaller file size, but there are a group of individuals who may prefer higher quality audio files. The music service Tidal differentiates itself by streaming high-fidelity, lossless audio. You can stream audio […]

Google Cast was designed to be a really easy experience for both developers and users. This app has some content; that content should be put on a screen. It sounds easy enough, although Google has been working on making more improvements to the SDK so that it’s easier to maintain and quicker. The Cast SDK […]

Casting has been a major feature in many video and music apps on your phone and tablet. While iOS and Android have popularized the feature, the Cast SDK also supports desktop operating systems. You can cast YouTube videos from your browser, and it’s also available for developers to integrate into their desktop apps. This doesn’t […]

TGIF! This last day of Google I/O will continue to hold sessions focusing around the living room, and Nick will continue to nurse his sunburned limbs. Nick FelkerNick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he’s not studying, he is a software […]