In a bit of a shocker of a press release Sling TV, one of the first Cable style TV over internet solutions before PS Vue came about and DirectTVNow. They’ve announced that they’ll be joining Comcast’s X1 Platform. The intro paragraph is very confusing considering Comcast is a cable provider, and Sling provides the same […]

The FCC has spent the past many months looking at the consumer complaints about cable and trying to solve them with a number of proposals. Specifically, they center around the cable box: an expensive box which is underpowered and provides poor user experiences. Their most recent proposal was to mandate cable providers create apps for […]

What if cable companies just offered streams? You paid Comcast a subscription fee, not unlike Netflix, and then could stream channels to a set-top box produced by Google or Apple instead of renting an expensive cable box? That’s part of a proposal that the FCC has made which would standardize the cable format and allow […]

Cable boxes are seemingly required devices which connect consumers to content. However, the experiences aren’t great. A lot of boxes are slow and laggy, require searches through on-screen keyboards, and lack any sort of extendable functionality like an app store. Consumers would need another streaming box in addition to a cable box and continually shift […]

Showtime, the TV and movie channel, has had a standalone subscription service for interested viewers for a few months. However, though cable subscriptions are dropping, many people still pay for cable and Showtime is included in that cable subscription. What if one of those customers wanted to use an app? The answer is their TV […]

On Thanksgiving, as I flipped through TV channels with my family, we came across something spectacular. The TV channel Destination America was airing Railroad Alaska Real Time Ride, which is literally five hours of a train’s dashcam. It is 130 miles through the Alaskan tundra. Most of the time, there is nothing interesting to see: […]

HBO GO is HBO’s streaming service that is paired with a cable subscription. Unlike HBO Now, which is a separate subscription service, you require a cable subscription to use HBO GO. On the plus side, HBO GO is a free addition. Android TV owners who didn’t want to pay extra for HBO Now have been […]