Crossy Road is a fairly popular game, with over 100 million downloads. The gameplay is simple: a character tries to get to the other side, but must avoid numerous obstacles. It is based on the game Frogger, which popularized the concept. Crossy Road added in a large variety of characters to play as, making them […]

Disney is a large media corporation, with a variety of popular brands like Mickey Mouse, Marvel, and Star Wars. It also owns a number of TV channels such as Disney Channel, Disney XD, and others such as ABC and Freeform (previously called ABC Family). They have just brought their apps for each channel to Android […]

Historically Disney has been so open arms about Android TV Adoption. Today that changes! A slew of apps got updates and now support Android TV from Freeform, to Disney XD, To Disney Channel and Disney Junior and of course ABC. Screenshots of the leanback like app is below. Now what features are present in the […]

Disney is a large company with a lot of different types of media. They’ve moved beyond just producing cartoons and movies to ebooks, music, and games. With all of this content, buying everything outright can be very expensive. DisneyLife is a new subscription service which gives up to six people access to all of these […]

Disney’s Movie Anywhere service is now available for Android TV, and we explored the app to see how well it performed and conformed to Android TV standards. When you first launch it, you see this activation screen. You’ll need a second device to enter this code and authenticate your account. The process is simple, but […]

Disney recently announced plans to expand the available platforms for their movie streaming service. As promised, they updated the app today on Google Play which included support for Android TV. In case you haven’t done so, you should definitely connect Google Play to Disney to get a free copy of Monsters, Inc. What’s really neat […]

Disney has been at the forefront of technology recently, from Magic Bands to Disney Research. However, one additional thing they’ve been good at is Disney Movies Anywhere, their video platform allowing users to watch Disney movies on any device while going through third-party video services like iTunes and Google Play. Yesterday they announced they will be publishing an app […]