Google’s Live Channels app has allowed users to stream from a variety of networked sources, although users are probably more excited about the DVR feature. As the name implies, third-party channel apps can respond to user requests for recording and playing back of media. At this moment, the app needs to support it, limiting the […]

The Live Channels app has been updated yesterday to include a DVR activity and a user interface for recording. How do these things work? We take a deep dive into this new API and user experience using a hastily thrown together app. The app integrates YouTube videos into Live Channels to play them as you’d […]

Plex, the popular home media server app, has just gotten a big feature update. In partnership with SiliconDust, the company that produces HDHomeRun digital tuners, to bring TV playback and digital video recording directly into the app. Inside the software, Plex can detect a connected HDHomeRun and display the program guide as a grid of […]

HDHomeRun has become a great way to watch cable channels through Android TV’s Live Channels app, and they’ve received good reviews by us in the past. Yet it’s only supported streaming and not full recording. The ability to have a DVR in Android TV would greatly add value to the platform, and it’s something that […]

Dreambox is a TV and radio receiver server built by the German company Dream Property. This receiver allows users to stream live HD TV or play already recorded content from their server to Android TV with a new app, Dream Player. The app uses the Leanback interface, showing each of your channels as well as […]

DVBLink is a product by DVB Logic that acts as a personal TV server. Server software can run on a variety of computers, including a Raspberry Pi, and allows users to stream live TV or record it to watch later. A live TV app has great potential for success on Android TV, and DVBLink has […]

Live Channels is an app made by Google which allows third-party developers to create their own input services. This can be done using Google’s TvInputFramework, and simplified further with my open source ChannelSurfer library. This triage of channels works fairly well at providing users an ample amount of high-quality content. However, users have continued to […]