PACKT Publishing is an ebook publisher which has a number of books for people to learn programming. They recently held a poll to their users: which mobile OS do they use? iOS or Android. After tallying the results on their website, Twitter, and eBook consumers, the winner was clearly Android. To celebrate, PACKT is holding […]

For developers to bring great apps to the Android platform, they may need an incentive, like money. App development can be a time-intensive project and hiring software engineers gets expensive. Although more apps are downloaded on Android compared to iOS, Apple’s App Store brings in more revenue. This is just a fact that may sway […]

There may be some developers who want to get started with Android TV, but don’t know where to begin. There is a new book available on Apress, Android TV Apps Development: Building for Media and Games. It was written by┬áPaul Trebilcox-Ruiz, a developer at Sphero. In it, he explains some of the new APIs that […]