As per first reported by Variety, it seems like AT&T is building an Android TV based DirectTV box.  The company is about to introduce a new TV set-top box named in the FCC docs as “the new AT&T/DirecTV Wireless 4K OTT Client.” that’s based on the Android TV platform and ditches satellite connectivity for over-the-top streaming, according […]

ATSC, the Advanced Television Systems Committee, is an “international, non-profit organization developing voluntary standards for digital television”. Essentially, it’s a working group that sets the standards for media broadcasting and transmission receiving. The first standard, ATSC-1, was used when analog TV transitioned to digital in the United States. This standard included specifications for HDTV. The […]

The FCC has spent the past many months looking at the consumer complaints about cable and trying to solve them with a number of proposals. Specifically, they center around the cable box: an expensive box which is underpowered and provides poor user experiences. Their most recent proposal was to mandate cable providers create apps for […]

A couple of days ago we talked about new NVIDIA SHIELD controllers showing up and we speculated a refresh or redesigned SHIELD TV 2nd Gen would surface short after. Looks like we weren’t wrong according to the follow pictures from the FCC document. In addition it has went through South Korea’s FCC equivalent too.   […]

In order to sell electronic devices with wireless connectivity in the United States, the manufacturer first needs to get this device approved by the FCC, the Federal Communications Commission. Now the Xiaomi Mi Box, a highly anticipated Android TV set-top box, has been spotted passing through the FCC for inspection. This is a good sign […]

What if cable companies just offered streams? You paid Comcast a subscription fee, not unlike Netflix, and then could stream channels to a set-top box produced by Google or Apple instead of renting an expensive cable box? That’s part of a proposal that the FCC has made which would standardize the cable format and allow […]

Cable boxes are seemingly required devices which connect consumers to content. However, the experiences aren’t great. A lot of boxes are slow and laggy, require searches through on-screen keyboards, and lack any sort of extendable functionality like an app store. Consumers would need another streaming box in addition to a cable box and continually shift […]