VUDU which originally made its début on the SHIELD TV is bringing some more goodies. Specifically HDR for the SHIELD TV & Google Assistant to their app so you can pull up and watch a movie with a click of a button. VUDU can understand basic playback controls like play, pause, rewind 5 minutes, etc; If […]

Today, pre-orders begin for a 16GB SHIELD TV bundled with a remote and priced at $179. This is good news for those on the edge about getting one. So What Do I Get? For $179 you get the SHIELD TV + remote but no controller if you want the SHIELD for pure Media consumption or […]

There have been a bunch of news happening with YouTube in the past few weeks and we have combined all of this news together so you can get a quick overview of everything. Music in Germany Copyright laws differ between countries, and YouTube has tried to work with all of them to give users as […]

Google’s new Chromecast, the Chromecast Ultra, will provide users with a way to cast ultra-high definition content to their TV and have it rendered in full resolution. That’s fantastic news, although there is the question of content. What apps will we have to stream media from? With new phones that can capture 4K video, we […]

The Chromecast has done very well since it was introduced in the summer of 2013, shipping over 30 million units. This has been a mix of their video Chromecasts and the new Chromecast Audio devices. Now Chromecast is getting more powerful with the Chromecast Ultra. It supports the ability to cast video natively in 4K […]

There are two major visual developments happening in TVs today: Ultra-high definition (UHD) and High Dynamic Range (HDR). These video formats can work in conjunction to provide content that’s not only sharper but also richer in color and contrast. However, one of the big challenges for HDR technology is the lack of content. TVs which […]

Sony has been a good partner for Android TV. They’ve been embedding the platform into every new TV they announce, at both the low and high end. With Sony’s latest device announcement, it’s clear that these TVs are going to be pretty high end. They have just launched the Z series 4K TVs, the “ultimate […]

Sony Electronics released the pricing and availability today of three new 4K Ultra HD television series: the XBR-X800D, the XBR-X750D, and the XBR-X700D. All have Android TV built into them and so far Sony has been good about updating them. Now according to Sony only the XBR-X800D series features High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility to […]

Last week, among the craziness of Google I/O and new game ports like Resident Evil 5, NVIDIA published an update to their Shield TV devices. Some of the news includes HDR support, which stands for High Dynamic Range, making content have better contrast. This is manifesting itself in HDR Netflix and YouTube as well as […]

HDR, known as High Dynamic Range, is a display technology integrated in some newer TVs that allow for colors to have far greater contrast than they do currently. This means videos look better and will pop out more. However, this also means content creators will need to distribute content in HDR in order to fully […]

The hardware and software partnership that Google has created with OEMs has shown to be beneficial. Sony has been using on Google’s Android TV for the basis of their software while they continue to develop sophisticated hardware and display technologies in their TVs. Sony has just announced a new line of TVs, with both high-dynamic […]

HDR, or high-dynamic range, is one of the big buzzwords around video today. Although 4K resolution is still waiting the content, codecs, and bandwidth necessary, other technology standards have been working on making colors much more vivid in videos. Although you will need a TV that supports HDR, there is now going to be a […]

HDR (high dynamic range) gives images high contrast, making bright things brighter and dark things darker. It makes photos and videos look more stunning. Support for HDR in videos is much like 4K though as it requires both the content and the hardware to make it work. Sony is working on the hardware part. They’ve […]