Back in November I published the Tv App Repo, a project that would make it easy to sideload new apps by building the sideloading experience as a native app using the Leanback interface. The idea was to slowly build a collection of apps with included Leanback shortcut apps. At the time I had to generate […]

When you first boot your Android TV, you’ll see the homescreen known as the Leanback Launcher. This launcher, made by Google, provides you with the ability to quickly open TV apps, games, and view your recommendations. For OEMs, they can add another row to place their own custom apps or recommended apps. The homescreen is […]

In Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Android TV, one of the changes made was that third-party launchers were blocked. On some operating systems, the “home” screen is standardized and everyone is expected to have it. However, Android allows developers to build their own home screens. When the user taps home, they are able to choose which […]