Back in November I published the Tv App Repo, a project that would make it easy to sideload new apps by building the sideloading experience as a native app using the Leanback interface. The idea was to slowly build a collection of apps with included Leanback shortcut apps. At the time I had to generate […]

One of the new features in Android 7.1, a minor update to Nougat, is App Shortcuts. This allows apps to specify specific actions the user can take right from the homescreen. While the notification drawer can be a powerful way to respond to events, app shortcuts lets users open apps for a specific purpose. Many […]

My Live Channels app, Cumulus TV, has been slowly accruing a number of feature requests on its issue tracker. Many people have been asking for EPG (electronic program guide) support as well as more customization. Personally I have desired to reduce the number of crashes that exist in the app as well as make the […]

The Leanback library makes it easy for media apps to add support for TV in a consistent and elegant interface. It is also easy to extend for custom features and interfaces. This may seem like a lot of stuff and it may be hard to get started. Developers can now begin with the Leanback Showcase […]

AppCloner is a popular app that lets you clone apps with a variety of different parameters, including Leanback support. When we tried it out, we were happy with the capability that was added, allowing users to create new apps that could show up in the Leanback Launcher. However, there wasn’t support for custom banners. You […]

ARTags is an open source app for Android that lets users create drawings. It’s similar to many drawing apps, with different brush colors and sizes. When you’re done with your drawing, you can upload it to a server. When you upload it, you also send your location. When you upload your photo, it makes a […]

Dreambox is a TV and radio receiver server built by the German company Dream Property. This receiver allows users to stream live HD TV or play already recorded content from their server to Android TV with a new app, Dream Player. The app uses the Leanback interface, showing each of your channels as well as […]

What is Weather Delta? Over a year ago I launched a weather app called Weather Delta. I wanted something very simple: an app that would tell me not only the current weather in my current location, but how it would change throughout the day. Should I wear a jacket, or grab an umbrella? Most weather […]