TvHeadend, “a TV streaming server and recorder for Linux, FreeBSD and Android”, is a way for you to stream various video sources to this software and then to your other devices. It is similar to the HDHomeRun in some ways, giving you access to various types of media tuners. With a recently published app on […]

The Live Channels app has been updated yesterday to include a DVR activity and a user interface for recording. How do these things work? We take a deep dive into this new API and user experience using a hastily thrown together app. The app integrates YouTube videos into Live Channels to play them as you’d […]

My Live Channels app, Cumulus TV, has been slowly accruing a number of feature requests on its issue tracker. Many people have been asking for EPG (electronic program guide) support as well as more customization. Personally I have desired to reduce the number of crashes that exist in the app as well as make the […]

PuppetMaster.TV, the app trying to take on Kodi, has just received a recent update that further separates it and takes more advantage of Android TV’s unique feature set. Now, live streams from puppets (this app’s name for plugins) will show up in the Live Channels app as a source, allowing users to add them and […]

ChromeCasts let you share video and audio from your phone to your TV, but what about everything else? Websites and apps and other types of content? That’s something that is being considered in a new app called AirShare. However, despite its lofty promises, I personally found the experience to be frustrating and not very useful. […]

TGIF! This last day of Google I/O will continue to hold sessions focusing around the living room, and Nick will continue to nurse his sunburned limbs. Nick FelkerNick Felker is a student Electrical & Computer Engineering student at Rowan University (C/O 2017) and the student IEEE webmaster. When he’s not studying, he is a software […]

On Android TV, developers can create their own TV channels by developing a TvInputService that interfaces with the Live Channels app. We have covered a number of Live Channel updates and also have a running list of Live Channels. Although the feature has been around for about the past year, only a small number of […]

Haystack TV is an “award-winning app” that fuses headline news based on user-specified interests for free. With some quick setup, users can watch political news, sports news, entertainment news, technology news, and more from a number of sources. It’s a smarter type of cable news, where it will show news you care about instead of […]

Bloomberg L.P. is a company founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981. In addition to providing software services like analytics to finance firms, it has also become a major media outlet for reporting and discussion current events in the global financial market (and things in general). This includes online news, radio, and TV. Having this multimedia […]

Some users last night started to report an apparent server-side change to the Live Channels app that now adds an icon to the Google Play Store. There hasn’t been an update to the app and this icon now shows up for some users. Google+ user Ed R posted these photos which show this new option […]