If you’re a SHIELD TV owner then this news doesn’t apply too much to you. But if you’re an owner of any other Android TV like a Mibox or a Nexus Player then this is good news for you as Amazon Prime Instant Video is now generally available for Android TV devices. Anthony GareraAnthony is […]

Over the weekend, a few users have reported a software update on their devices even if they’re not in the beta program. This is Android version 7.1.2 and the factory image has already been posted. Many of the forward-facing changes seem to affect Android on the phone and tablet, but the changes don’t affect TVs. […]

Users in the Android Beta Program may be seeing a message on their Nexus Players to update their software. Users will be instructed to update to Android 7.1.2. This is a small update, not even getting a bump up to the API version. It “is an incremental maintenance release focused on refinements”, so there isn’t anything […]

The first week of the month is when Google pushes out security updates for Android. This month, in addition to getting security fixes, Nexus users are also getting an update to the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.1.1. It’s currently rolling out for the Nexus Player, although users likely won’t see anything new. What’s New […]

The Live Channels app has been updated yesterday to include a DVR activity and a user interface for recording. How do these things work? We take a deep dive into this new API and user experience using a hastily thrown together app. The app integrates YouTube videos into Live Channels to play them as you’d […]

The Nexus Player was once Google’s reference device for Android TV, a device running pure Android TV which could be used by developers to try out their apps. In June it was discontinued and even though it did receive the update to Android 7.0 Nougat, individuals had a difficult time trying to find it. If […]

Android.com/tv is brand new and showcases all the devices it has to offer. OEM Partners shown are Sharp with their Aquos series, Sony with their Bravia series, the 1st gen Nexus Player, NVIDIA SHIELD TV, and the red headed step child that is the Razer Forge TV. In addition all other parts of Android (Phone,Wear,Tablets,and Auto) […]

Google’s Nexus Player was created as a reference device for OEMs and developers to get started with Android TV. It was a pretty solid device, we reviewed it well, and it allowed plenty of developers to port their apps to Android TV (as well as adding support for Android N). However, after two years, Google […]

Sometime around 2011-2012 my childhood enthusiasm and anticipation for Christmas morning had made its triumphant return… only it was no longer actually for Christmas. Google had captured that spirit with its annual Google I/O developer’s conference. Adult me would wait and watch in wonder at all the goodies announced. Sure, most major announcements would leak in […]

It’s the first Monday of May, and that means there are some new factory images and OTAs for Google’s Nexus line. These are the monthly security patches include bug fixes and optimizations and are released on a monthly cycle. Google has posted the security bulletin to explain the major risks that have been fixed in the […]

A few days ago a handful of Android phones and tablets received an OTA update to the newest version of Android N. This second preview is now rolling out to the Nexus Player as well. In a Android Development blog post, they highlight a few pretty big changes to the operating system. Vulkan Vulkan is […]

Google’s monthly security bulletin, outlining a number of vulnerabilities in the Android operating system and including patches, has just been published. This month has a notable 29 different vulnerabilities ranging from moderate to critical severity. The Nexus Player should be receiving a fix in the next couple of days, at least for those still on […]

The Nexus Player is Google’s first public Android TV device (discounting the developer-only ADT-1). Released in fall 2014 for $99, it has since been on sale several times and even went out of stock on the Google Store for a while. At one point it was a clearance item at brick and mortar stores like […]

The Chromecast app received an update this week. The most noticeable change is that the app has been renamed to “Google Cast” in order to better reflect the number and variety of devices that support Google’s casting protocol. One group is Android TV. Android TVs support casting, although they haven’t worked with the Chromecast app. […]

As I’ve been going through the Android N build seeing what new things are upon us I came across something that seems so useful and is both a power user and non-power user feature and that is what I’m calling for now recent tabs. Below you’ll see how it looks in the short video taken and […]

Two years ago, Google surprised us by releasing a developer preview for Android L at Google I/O, which later became Lollipop. Last year they improved the process by publishing several preview releases for Android M, which was announced at Google I/O. This year, we expected the trend to continue. Yet Google continues to surprise. They […]

Today Google surprised us all and released a preview for all current Nexus devices including the near and dear Nexus Player. Most of the big news is on the Phone/Tablet side but Android TV has some hidden tricks up its sleeves. The first trick we’ve discovered is the addition of Android TV Recording API’s. Building on […]

Crunchyroll is an app you’d expect to be getting on every platform and device that it can right? Well until today that wasn’t the case and a specific platform covered here only had partial support via Chromecast/Google Cast. Anthony GareraAnthony is usually tinkering with everything and anything because there’s always one more thing to do, […]

Google continues to keep Android secure by issuing another security patch for Android. Nexus owners, including the Nexus Player, should be getting a series of OTA updates within the next couple of days. This version, still 6.0.1, seems at first glance to only contain security fixes. Nexus Player owners have been having color issues on […]

Introduction Another Casual Racer has made its way to the Play Store with support for Android TV. Rocket Racer from CatfishBlues Games is a pretty straight forward game. You load it up, sign in with your Google account, then click choose a character and track and start racing. Each Level has up to 3 stars […]

Android TV had a great year as many apps were created and published with support for TVs. Looking back at the past twelve months, the Android TV News team decided to pick their favorite in no particular order. Plex Plex is a popular all-around media server for your home. A desktop program can run in […]

1Sale is having a $50/50% off sale on the Nexus Player, if you haven’t bought an Android TV device or want to pickup another here’s your chance, while not the best device on the market, that title belongs to the Nvidia Shield TV it still makes for a solid Set Top Box that makes a […]

Media playback is one of the core experiences of Android TV, so when the latest version of Android, 6.0 Marshmallow, was sent to Nexus Players with a significant bug related to color reproduction, people were understandably upset. Specifically, it seems like colors are appearing washed out. Blacks will end up looking gray and other colors […]