Olympusat, a large but independent media company, is in attendance at a big conference this week. Not Google I/O, but INTX 2016, an Internet and TV expo hosted by the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. It’s a big conference in it’s own right, with FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, Roku General Manager Steve Shannon, Comcast CTO […]

STARZ recently launched their own OTT service. The monthly fee of $8.99 gave users access to all of STARZ’s movies and shows, and those of its children companies Encore and Movieplex. While it has only been available to mobile users for the past month, it made a lot of sense for the app to move […]

This week is the NAB Show, the annual National Association of Broadcasters conference where industry leaders come together to discuss the advances to the medium. As readers know, the rise of cordcutting and over-the-top (OTT) streaming service has been a trend that likely is concerning to many in the industry. This year the conference is […]

Beachfront Media is one of those companies that has been trying to improve video watching on mobile phones. Like many of these mobile-first companies (Beachfront was founded in 2007), they came into an age of people ditching expensive cable plans and huge TVs when a 4-inch phone provided content on demand. Their website even says […]

This week New Orleans is hosting the annual Cable-Tec Expo, a convention dedicated to cable telecommunications technology. It’s pretty huge, with over 375 exhibiting companies vying for attention. You might be interested in what SeaChange International, Inc. is demonstrating. As stated in their press release, they are showing off “Android TV streaming of live channels […]