About two months ago Twitter launched a new app for the Fire TV. It was a compilation of all of their video services: Twitter’s live video partnerships with the NFL, Periscope, and the now defunct Vine. At the time of the app’s launch, it could be sideloaded to an Android TV and work exactly like […]

If you heard about how Twitter was intending to Pivot and expand their platform to live streaming sports then you’d expect them to make it accessible on all Set top box platforms right? Well almost, but technically yes for the most part. By this I mean there’s no Android TV version officially up in the Play […]

Cordcutting has been a growing trend over the past few years. Instead of paying a large amount of money for many channels that you won’t watch, you pay just for the services and programs that you want to watch. If you only watch STARZ, for example, then your bill goes from roughly $100/month to just […]

On Thanksgiving, as I flipped through TV channels with my family, we came across something spectacular. The TV channel Destination America was airing Railroad Alaska Real Time Ride, which is literally five hours of a train’s dashcam. It is 130 miles through the Alaskan tundra. Most of the time, there is nothing interesting to see: […]