The first week of the month is when Google pushes out security updates for Android. This month, in addition to getting security fixes, Nexus users are also getting an update to the latest version of Android, Nougat 7.1.1. It’s currently rolling out for the Nexus Player, although users likely won’t see anything new. What’s New […]

The first Monday of every month has become synonymous with Google publishing a security update for the Android operating system based on internal and external reports from security researchers. October’s security patches have just been released. Nexus devices such as the Nexus Player should be getting the OTA update in the next few days. The […]

The first Monday of every month has become the day when Google updates the Android operating system with security patches from issues that were reported. These audits come from internal teams or from security researchers. Along with these patches, Google publishes images for the Nexus devices and they receive OTA updates within the following days. […]

Authentication online can be difficult, especially when there are so many individuals trying to impersonate your identity. Your account at your bank, email, and message boards are all at risk. Simply relying on a password can be risky since it’s not too hard to brute force a password with a modern computer. Just trying every […]

The first Monday of each month has become Android Security day, when Google publishes a notice about all the security issues that have been reported and fixed in the last month. Like previous security updates, Google has alerted partners about these bugs ahead of time so they are able to issue patches. Additionally, Nexus devices […]

Every month Google has been releasing a patch to their operating system focused around fixing security issues which have been reported either internally or from outside organizations. As the month has just arrived, it is time for another security patch. These fixes, which are still considered Android 6.0.1, will be rolling out to Nexus Player […]

Google continues to keep Android secure by issuing another security patch for Android. Nexus owners, including the Nexus Player, should be getting a series of OTA updates within the next couple of days. This version, still 6.0.1, seems at first glance to only contain security fixes. Nexus Player owners have been having color issues on […]