For many experienced Android tinkerers, they have switched to a third-party launcher that enables a variety of customizations and control over the look and feel of their homescreen. One of the biggest parts of “look” is the icon pack. By downloading one, available as an app, the user is able to swap all of the […]

There’s a lot of really cool websites out there, but the web has not been too compatible with Android TV. One could sideload Chrome, or a browser like Puffin TV, but the web has been treated like a second class citizen. For one, you can’t add web apps to your TV’s launcher like you can […]

The TV App Repo was published on Google Play not too long ago as a utility for people to generate Leanback Launcher shortcuts from their non-Leanback apps. It has quickly become popular, accumulating over 2000 total installs since being listed. I’m happy to see so many people seeing benefit from this tool. However, since it […]

One of the first apps published by the Interactive Television Lab is the TV App Repo. It is designed to be the ultimate resource for sideloading apps, with a number of features that really allow it to stand out above any other option. After developing the software for the past two months, it is finally […]