Since Facebook debuted live video on their social media platform, it has been adopted by a number of groups for a variety of reasons. It has been used to capture significant events without the classic need for journalists or television crews. From the Democrats sitting-in while C-SPAN cameras aren’t broadcasting, to activists protesting the Dakota […]

Alto’s Adventure is a beautiful zen-like game featuring the skiier who just wants to do their best against an animated background that continually changes the time. The game was originally available for free with ads on Android TV, but the developers decided to make the game premium only and released a TV-specific version. It’s available […]

It’s game night and you’re with all of your friends having fun. However, all of you are starting to get hungry and decide to get Dominoes. The question is what specifically to get. What pizza toppings? Do we want wings? Are there any deals? We crowd around this phone screen trying to read the small […]

Google’s AppCompat library has quickly become an important way for developers to integrate new platform features in their apps and having them degrade gracefully to older version. A lot of apps started to use it once Material Design was published. Although the material theme was not built-in to older versions, the AppCompat theme was able […]

A week ago I reported how a handful of developers managed to port Android TV to the Raspberry Pi. Although the port had some flaws, it was a great beginning and definitely the cheapest Android TV. The Raspberry Pi is a nifty gadget and that open source project will likely continue to get support. One […]

RCA, the very successful Radio Corporation of America, has been a major player in the electronics and communications industry for almost a century. They have influenced the development of radio and TV in America, and they continue today to bring electronic hardware to the market.¬†Even though the company was technically dissolved in the 1980s, the […]

Cable companies have for a long time had expensive plans for dozens or hundreds of extraneous channels. Plus, channels that you actually wanted to watch, such as Showtime, had to be purchased at a premium. This has allowed these companies, which are almost monopolies in some areas, to slowly increase the cost of their plans […]