Don’t Worry Android TV Users, Google Still Cares

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Android TV users found themselves a bit disappointed on Tuesday when Google’s fall Android event came and went without any news on Android TV. Instead, the focus was completely on Chromecast. Though all of these devices support casting, having a more expensive set-top box in your living room that is at the end of life after a year isn’t the best feeling in the world. This led to some cynical conversations in Android TV communities about the future of the platform.

Owners shouldn’t worry. Google just published a post on their Android blog about the Android TV platform. It’s like a progress report, discussing what has happened recently and what’s to come. It serves as a relief that the platform is continuing to get developer support and hardware partners.

They tout the number of apps that are coming to the platform: Showtime, HBO Now, CBS All Access, Disney Movies Anywhere, and a bunch more. Google also created a collection of high quality TV and music apps that you can browse on Google Play.

Google also announced a handful of new hardware partners: Hisense and TCL are two electronics companies that will be building Android TV products, most likely in TVs themselves. They mention that several other smart TV manufacturers joined but didn’t include a full list.

For set-top boxes, Google announced that Pace, Sagemcom, and Technicolor will be manufacturing Android TV-powered boxes.

Finally Google announced that cable companies KDDI and Telecom Italia will be bringing pay TV services to the platform. That may be through their own set-top boxes or just as an app that can integrate with Live Channels.

So there’s a lot of new hardware and software to be excited about, and even though there weren’t any big announcements Tuesday, the platform is still growing.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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