There’s a lot of really cool websites out there, but the web has not been too compatible with Android TV. One could sideload Chrome, or a browser like Puffin TV, but the web has been treated like a second class citizen. For one, you can’t add web apps to your TV’s launcher like you can […]

Welcome to the club TELUS! The Canadian telecommunications company has this week announced an Android TV which gives users access to their new OTT service. The device, Pik TV, which is physically rather small, comes with 2GB RAM, 8 GB storage, along with ethernet, USB, and HDMI ports. It comes with a remote which pairs over […]

There’s a lot of games being launched on Android TV, and we may not have time to cover them individually. These weekly posts give brief summaries of many new games that are being published. If you know of a new game, or find one we missed, let us know in the comments below. General Games […]

YouTube Kids is a version of YouTube designed for kids, which is apparent from the name. It lets them quickly find content from their favorite characters, and all the content is purposed to be safe and inexplicit. It has been available for a while on phones and tablets, but that wasn’t ideal. Even though you […]

Move over Ratchet and Clank. Move over Banjo and Kazooie. Move over Mario and Luigi! There’s a new platform/adventure game in town: Yooka-Laylee has come to GeForce NOW today Tuesday, April 25. This heavily-backed Kickstarter will see you run, jump, puzzle and fight your way through massive, colorful worlds filled with special items to discover, and […]

Have you heard? Android TV will be getting Google Assistant soonTM. It was originally announced in January, although we haven’t heard of a release date since. It is likely, however, that its release will coincide with Google I/O in mid-May. That’s when Google makes a number of significant announcements and could coincide with a larger […]

This is an interesting time of the school year, as the semester dies down but finals haven’t started yet. It’s a point in time where students have a pocket of free time, and over the weekend I spent some time making adjustments to some apps to make them look nicer or work better. Launch on […]

HBO Go, HBO’s app for those who have a cable subscription, recently received some big features to its mobile and TV apps which should improve the user experience quite a bit. WHAT’S NEW • Pick up watching a series where you left off • Continuously watch your favorite series with the new automated binge mode […]

The all-in-one media player app Kodi has support for a lot of different types of media sources, although Netflix has been one that has required numerous workarounds. The reason is due to DRM. Kodi has has some support for Widevine DRM for a while, but not enough to entirely support the service. That’s changing due […]

Myst, a game from legendary developer Cyan Worlds originally launched in 1993 for something called a Macintosh, since then the Mac hasn’t been such a gaming powerhouse, but none the less it hasn’t stopped indie devs porting their Steam games for all 3 platforms. Now the classic game is brought to the modern-day and called it […]

Chromecast functionality, allowing your phone to quickly cast media to a speaker directly or through an Internet connection, has slowly been adopted in the speaker industry. Jensen has just announced their new smart speaker, named the JSB-1000. This device, which is expected to retail for around $170, should appear in many stores. In addition to […]