A List of Known Bugs in Android N So Far

Have you downloaded the Android N preview? Run into some bugs, we did too! By filling out the form below you can help us accumulate a list that will be sent in to make sure all is smoothed out by the time it’s released to the masses. Be sure to fill out all the fields possible so these bug reports can be documented as possible! Thanks!


  1. ADB broken on Android N Developer Preview 1 Sideload.  Fix: Reauthorize Devices used for ADB
  2. “Google Now Voice training isn’t recognising I am saying ‘OK Google’. But the microphone icon in the google search bar works perfect.” Fix: Unknown
  3. The top of some channel numbers are cut off when using a remote to enter a channel number in Live Channels.
  4. Dark Mode UI Does Not Switch On When Initially Turned On. Fix: Toggle Sub-switches below the primary switch to enable the darker look.
  5. It is a known issue for the Nexus Player that some video playback is buggy in the N Preview. On my Nexus Player, the YouTube app is the only app that is buggy. The YouTube app now crashes nearly every time a video is played. The video will play fine for several minutes but eventually the video goes blank. If you back out to the home screen, the YouTube app appears to be actively playing a video however it is blank if you try to re-enter it.

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