ABR, What Is It And Why Does It Matter To You?

ABR stands for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. Now why does this affect you? Well let me explain, when you normally watch a video online it’s either flawless or buffers and no one likes when that happens. This is where ABR comes in, depending on your bandwidth the video player software will adjust your quality as such if it’s good then you’ve got plenty of bandwidth, if not then you’re a little low.

A chart showing how ABR works

Now you may say don’t all services offer that and the answer is no because it’s very expensive and traditionally has been done by storing multiple copies of the same file/video. The best 2 examples of this are Netflix and YouTube who use the model described above and now a company by the name of MediaMelon has brought their QBR Technology to market in collaboration with Nexplayer to bring widespread adoption to this amazing advancement and they offer it in an SDK that’s available for pretty much every platform from iOS, to Android TV to Windows.¬†MediaMelon solutions are compatible with all major streaming formats including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH, HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS). Look forward to saying goodbye to buffering and hello to smooth ¬†Adaptive Bitrate Streaming.


About NexStreaming
NexStreaming is a global mobile software company with Headquarters in Seoul (Korea) and branches in Spain, US, Taiwan, Japan and China. NexStreaming is known for its excellent customer support and highly competitive time to market. The most popular product is NexPlayer SDK, a player SDK integrated in the mobile applications of the most famous video service providers worldwide. NexPlayer SDK is available among others for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Android TV apps. NexStreaming is a publicly traded company listed on the Korean stock market, KOSDAQ 139670. For more information, visitwww.nexstreaming.com

About MediaMelon
MediaMelon smart streaming solutions optimize Internet video quality and resource utilization, enabling content and service providers to dramatically improve performance, increase revenues and enhance quality of experience. MediaMelon solutions include patented video quality enhancement technology, intelligent content routing and analytics that create a global software fabric for efficient video streaming. Visit www.mediamelon.comfor more information.

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