Razer Forge TV Pulled From Google Store

Razer Forge TV

The gaming company Razer seemed to make a huge push in the field of Android gaming. They purchased the microconsole company Ouya and started selling the Forge TV, their Android TV set-top box (STB). However, there has been a lack of news coming from Razer about the direction of this product and how Ouya will be integrated. Now, there seems to be some indication that the product is being discontinued.

Nvidia’s success could have made Razer think twice about market penetration when producing more units. The Shield has more content and high end specs and that could have made it undesirable for more competition in a small market.

A few months ago, Ouya was asking developers to update their games to support Android TV. At the time it appeared that the Razer Forge TV would create Cortex, a rebranded Ouya store that would contain pretty much all the same games. Developers were given the deadline of October 20th to submit their games so that they could be featured when Cortex officially launched.

Based on holiday targeting, the launch date was figured to be at some point in November. As it is November and there is no update, that does make it sound suspiciously like vaporware.

What is the future of Cortex TV? Well judging from Ouya’s documentation, it seems like there has been development recently. References have been changed from Forge TV to Cortex TV to Cortex, signaling a potential greater focus on multiple platforms. If you look at all the changes made to the documentation, it’s apparent that there are changes. It’s likely these changes are in preparation for a relaunch of something or other.

Cortex is also the name for Razer’s PC game streaming service. Cortex Stream is supposed to be added to Forge TV, but with an unreleased launch date:

Cortex Stream
When will the ability to stream PC games from my desktop to Forge TV be ready?
PC game streaming solutions are being evaluated and an announcement will be made in late 2015. Please be sure to check Razer Insider for news about Forge TV and other Razer products.

To conclude, it’s currently hard to tell Razer’s direction with the Forge TV. They’ve made a lot of promises but so far haven’t delivered on them. At the same time, there does appear to be some progress. The removal from the Google Play Store does appear discouraging, but it could mean something will take its place soon. With a little more time, the fate of the Forge TV should become apparent.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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  • Vcoleiro1

    The official launch date for Cortex (the Ouya game store) and Cortex Stream(PC Streaming) is November. Razer have said that a few times, the last time as recent as last month. So my guess is they are shaping for the relaunch of the Forge TV with Cortex and Cortex Stream sometime soon, thus the suspension of Forge TV sales.

    • NF

      Are you suggesting that there will be a new hardware model? If it’s the same hardware, it doesn’t make sense to halt sales while waiting for an OTA.

      • Vcoleiro1

        Accept that’s exactly what the Razer CEO has now come out and said is happening. It was no secret in the Ouya community,They had sad that the Ouya games store and PC Streaming would launch this November. Ouya devs had until Oct 20(i think) to ready there games for the Forge TV for the Nov launch. Don’t know why people can’t do some research before speculating.

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