The Unofficial Guide to Spotify (Connect) On Your Android TV


Spotify Using Google Cast


Well let’s get down to business, Spotify is the leader in music streaming and everyone loves the massive catalog of 20 million plus songs it has. Now where can i play these songs you might ask? iOS,Android, Windows, Mac, and Web all have native apps. Also recent support for Chromecast was added which was long overdue and the #1 requested feature on Spotify’s forums for months. Now what seems to be missing? That’s right a native Android TV App and with Spotify using the same interface for the PS4 and the Chromecast an Android TV app doesn’t seem to far out of reach. Being the leader in the music streaming business you’d think their first priority would be to reach all platforms possible but they simply ignore the opportunity missing both Android and Apple TV. The reason I say they’re missing out is because these set-top boxes are the perfect opportunity to market Spotify Connect their distinctive feature that makes them stand out from the competition.

Spotify Connect 

Instant Switching

Now you may be wondering what is Spotify Connect? Let me summarize that for you. Connect allow instant switching between devices with the Spotify app installed. So you could go from one chromecast to another, or from your phone to your desktop or laptop, the possibilities are endless but you get the point. In addition to this Connect also allows for every device to be a remote as well for both songs and volume and playback controls which is something that’s useful when you have a device running Spotify through speakers and you want to relax and control the music from the palm of your hands via your device.

How Do I Unofficially Get This For My TV?

Well you’re going to have to visit here for the latest Spotify APK and then sideload it using your file browser of choice and then navigate to Apps in the settings of your Android TV and Open and from there you can navigate with the D-pad to login. Once you’re logged in then you’ll see your device pop up as a connect device and you can start the party from another device and let your Android TV be the receiver. It even includes support for the Now Playing card at the Leanback Launcher home screen.



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