Google’s Santa Tracker Now Works on Android TV

Santa Tracker

Santa is a pretty popular fellow, especially at this time of the year. Although he lives isolated in the northern most part of the planet without being bothered, he’ll take a trip once a year to give people things. When this happens, everyone wants to know where he’s at and where he’ll be headed. NORAD doesn’t track everyone’s location, but they will track him each year when he makes this trip. Google, a company whose mission is to organize the world’s information, has made Santa at the forefront of their mission for the entirety of this month.

You can follow Santa’s journey on the web, or just go there to play a couple of holiday-themed games. If you want to play games and track Santa on your phone or watch, you can download the Google Santa Tracker app on Google Play.

There’s an extra treat this season: you can now download the app to your TV. You can open the app up on your TV and track Santa from your central command.

The app is going to be pretty barebones at the moment, just counting down until Santa has started his journey. However, once he does, the app will act as an interactive map, plotting his current position in realtime and showing where he will going next. He also will occasionally post text updates, which will be in the stream of content. It’s probably not advisable to do so while he’s driving reindeer, so he’s probably using voice transcription.


Santa and the elves’ are back for 2015 with a new game, a redesigned village, updates for Android Wear and you can follow Santa’s journey on Android TV!

Currently it doesn’t seem to work on the ADT-1. If the app isn’t available for your Android TV device either, you can always sideload it from APK Mirror.

Nick Felker

Nick Felker

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