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Film festivals are a great place for indie filmmakers to show original content that they’ve made. Many indie films have a much different tone than the blockbusters you’d see in a movie theater. A new app called Film Festival Favorites has recently added support for Android TV, allowing any user to browse a wide selection of videos. A lot of these videos are free to watch, although there is a premium subscription service. For $4 a month, you get access to watch every movie in high definition.

App Navigation

The app uses the Leanback Library. The top row is devoted to the movies that won awards, the ones you’d most likely want to view. Then you can see the most recently added movies before browsing through the many genres of movies. You can also search for a particular movie.

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Browsing Navigation

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Each movie shows you the poster art along with a background art photo. In addition to the description, the rating and runtime for each movie is displayed. You can watch it in standard or high definition. Why pick one over the other? HD videos are only for subscribers. The playlist is a collection of movies that live in a centralized place so you can watch them later.

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Playback Experience

When you choose a movie, in either quality, it will begin playing after a short buffering period.¬†You are able to pause and skip through the video using your remote. The playback UI reminds me of Android’s built-in media player, although I don’t know if it is the same thing.

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If you’re a movie buff, then this may a great app for you. Even if you don’t feel like paying monthly, this is a great way for you to watch plenty of quality movies that are independently produced.

It should be noted that you can’t watch every movie for free. Some are premium only, but you can watch a 5-minute sample.

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The app is free on the Google Play Store.

Nick Felker

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